Steadfast Life's Adventure Retreats

Awaken your inner adventurer and athlete!


Our adventure retreats include immersive learning, mindset training, faith-based principles, and team work. Our retreats are where we take you from your daily grind to the outdoors for lasting transformation and much needed rejuvenation.



You'll be proud of yourself for becoming the person who did it - whether it's your first or fifth time. It's impossible to come back the same, before you rose to the challenge of a Steadfast adventure.

Summit 14,000 ft + Backpacking

July 2024:

Climb a Mountain in CA

Team up with 4 experienced guides to build another level of confidence, fill your soul, unplug from the demands of your day-to-day, and come back rejuvenated- ready for life! 

Break through new barriers and taste a life without limits.

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Surf Perfect Waves + Stretching

February 25th 2024:

Surf in Puerto Rico

Learn to surf from pro's in Puerto Rico with stretching sessions sprinkled in by Whit. It's their favorite place for the perfect waves and breath-taking views. 

You'll ignite a new side of you that overflows with inspiration and energy in all other areas of life. Don't be surprised if you become obsessed with this way of life.

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